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The "Add Prompt" function is merely a filter to your report as to what you want included or excluded such as only wanting expense class 5300. The "Add Prompt" function can not add any new data elements to the report such as account key description. 

At this time, changes are not being made to CDD reports to allow IT report writers to develop reports in the long term reporting strategy tool Cognos BI. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a Cognos report that meets this need. 

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Hi there, 
I use the RXCNTKEY report - Contract Life to Date by Account Key - a 
lot, and it would be great to have the account key description(s) in 
there. Short would be good. 

I tried the Add Prompt feature, adding Description (Long) as it was the 
only choice for description, and nothing shows up. 

Can you help? 


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