[IFAS] Need listing of contract numbers for account keys

Mary Beth Reece mbreece at ucar.edu
Wed Feb 29 15:28:39 MST 2012

Good afternoon:

I'm trying to calculate the total direct funding received by UCP Div 51 
(DLS) from 1998 to current. I thought if I could identify a report that 
contains both the original account key(s) and associated contract 
number(s), that I could then use the CONLIFE report in iFAS to get such 
However, I can not get my hands on a report that lists the account keys 
and contract numbers. I tried the "Account by Contract ID" report in the 
utility folder of ART but it came up blank when I entered one of our old 
account numbers. My guess is, that it doesn't work on closed or inactive 
account keys only for active keys.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Mary Beth Reece
ext. 2654

On 2/27/2012 11:46 AM, Laura Allen wrote:
> Hi! We are wondering if there is a way to get an "hours 
> worked/non-worked" report in IFAS.
> We used to be able to get this ad hoc report (UCREPYNW) in BiTech.
> The Hours Worked report in IFAS is missing the percentages that we 
> need to refer to.
> Thanks!
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