[IFAS] IFAS Dashboard Symbols

Geoff Cheeseman geoff at ucar.edu
Thu Feb 9 10:19:02 MST 2012

Hello All,

A couple of handy IFAS Dashboard symbols that I thought I'd share.  
First I list what the comparable symbol was  in BiTech CRT, and then I 
list what the new symbol is for the IFAS Dashboard:

In BiTech CRT, the wildcard symbol used to be @; now in IFAS Dashboard 
it's a  *
e.g.:  to select funds sources that start with certain characters in a 
dashboard report, type:  NSFR*

In BiTech CRT, the range symbol used to be - [a dash]; now it's a  :  [a 
e.g.: to select a range of keys in a dashboard report, type:  749100:749105

I hope some in this mail group find these useful.

Has anyone else in the group found some that they would like to share?


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