[IFAS] IFAS Info: Modified CDD Reports now available

Karla Edwards karla at ucar.edu
Mon Feb 6 10:35:39 MST 2012

*IFAS CDD Report Modifications*

Since our last communication in November 2011, we have made 
modifications to CDD reports based of feedback from members of the IFAS 
Reporting Group and other IFAS users.

Report details, location and samples of these reports are available at: 

Contact Anita Monk-Ryan or Karla Edwards if you have questions on any of 
these reports.

*IFAS Information Mailman Email Service*

As a reminder, an IFAS subscription email service has been set up using 
the mailman service offered by CISL.This IFAS email service is intended 
for any staff member to subscribe to this list in order to give and 
receive information related to IFAS.The email list would be used by 
subscribers to ask questions about IFAS, share information, receive 
information on fixes or new reports, and engage with other IFAS users on 
day to day job functions.

If you are interested in subscribing to the IFAS email list, please go 
to http://mailman.ucar.edu/to subscribe.

UCP and NCAR BP Admin Meetings*

FYI, Anita Monk-Ryan, Melissa Miller and Karla Edwards will be attending 
the UCP Administrator meeting and the NCAR BP Admin meetings to do some 
demos and answer questions you may have about IFAS reports.  Please 
think of questions you have and bring them to the meetings.

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