[IFAS] IFAS Info: GL Folder Structure Change and new CDD Reports

Karla Edwards karla at ucar.edu
Tue Nov 1 12:53:45 MDT 2011

Hello IFAS Users!

My goal is to continue to give you timely information related to IFAS.I 
would like to inform you about the following items:

·*UCAR Reports>General Ledger Report Folder Structure Change*

Per work with the IFAS Reporting Team including representatives from 
NCAR, UCP and UCAR, we will be changing the structure of the General 
Ledger report folder under UCAR Reports effective /_Monday, November 7, 
2011_/.The change includes adding subfolders to help organize the 
numerous reports in the general ledger folder into logical areas.A 
sample of what you will see is below.Each subfolder will contain reports 
related to the description of the subfolder.

             This change will not affect the favorites you set up.

·*New CDD Reports Available*

Eight new CDD reports have been developed/tested and will be delivered 
for use during the same time as the report folder structure change, 
November 7, 2011.

The titles of the new reports are below.See the following wiki page to 
view a description and sample of the new reports:

Budget to Actual Before Encumbrances by Account
             SR19 Summary, Encumbrance, and Detail Report
             Unpaid Invoices Report (USE RPCON)
             Budget to Actual by Division, Account, and Expense Class 
with Extend header RGCBUDRO
             Fiscal Year comparison Total by Object Code RXRN002
             Fiscal Year Comparison Total by Expense Class RXRN008
             Fiscal Year Comparison Total by division RXRN011
             Budget Details by Account by Obj By Date

*IFAS Information Mailman Email Service*

As a reminder, an IFAS subscription email service has been set up using 
the mailman service offered by CISL.This IFAS email service is intended 
for any staff member to subscribe to this list in order to give and 
receive information related to IFAS.The email list would be used by 
subscribers to ask questions about IFAS, share information, receive 
information on fixes or new reports, and engage with other IFAS users on 
day to day job functions.

We have less than 50 subscribers and have over 170 IFAS users.If you are 
interested in subscribing to the IFAS email list, please go to 
http://mailman.ucar.edu/to subscribe.

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