[icoads_usa] Trimming/QC Renovation (R3.0 WP-G)

Scott Woodruff scott.d.woodruff at noaa.gov
Fri May 23 19:26:42 MDT 2014

Hi Liz and Dave (et al.),

Sorry this took so long, but getting back to your 1 April list of 
planned NOC contributions (excerpts below), we have nearly completed a 
revision of the overall R3.0 Workplan (to be circulated before CLIMAR-IV).

In broad strokes, we're now proposing to slip overall deadlines by 
another ~3 months (i.e. past the ~4 month slippage initially estimated 
as of Jan.). Please see the attached draft of the Workplan's Table 3 
(still subject to changes). While the NCDC software development staffing 
issues primarily responsible for these further delays are not yet fully 
resolved, hopefully they will be soon--and we can achieve this, I think 
fairly realistic, schedule.

Getting back to your NOC contributions list, to start with I thought it 
might be helpful to provide some further information related to the more 
complicated /Trimming/QC renovation/ (WP-G), and open up a discussion 
about those associated logistics and deadlines:

 1. Background, and preliminary technical and scientific questions
    (please see attached draft).
 2. Deadline: Tentatively November 2014 for final provision of new
    trimming (and possibly NCDC-QC) limits.
 3. Note in Table 3 that considerably more overlap is now indicated with
    the linked WP-H (/Dupelim/QC modifications & porting/) here, however
    from the technical side, as soon as new limits are available, we
    should start exploring interfacing those with the Dupelim program,
    so as to resolve any format issues etc. early on.
 4. Primary contact points on the trimming renovation, plus any other QC
    improvements we might try to tackle under R3.0: Sandy, Karsten (NCDC
    science input), + me. But when information/updates are of broader
    interest, suggest eventually copying icoads_usa at mailman.ucar.edu, or
    possibly even icoads_int at mailman.ucar.edu. However, we are still
    working on making sure those two mailing lists are properly
    organized in terms of membership overlaps etc. (not the case presently).

Hope this helps for now, and looking forward to seeing you all and 
discussing further in Asheville next month.  -Scott

On 4/1/14, 5:37 AM, Kent, Elizabeth C. wrote:
> [...]
> 3. Trimming limits
> Dave has done some preliminary work on updating the trimming limits, 
> we are expecting to be able to produce some updated limit files for 
> use with R3.0.
> 7. HQCS
> As I reported I got the DWD code running, but still lack 
> documentation. There is a possibility that it might be possible to get 
> this working and tested in time for R3.0, but it would have to be 
> classed as a priority and something else would probably have to slip.
> 8. Other QC
> As part of recent work we have identified some errors in the data. 
> Dave circulated a plot showing the problems with the Deck 732 data 
> identified from similarities among reports. We have also found a 
> problem with some of the data from the UK Met Office merge where 
> reports at midnight are assigned to the wrong day. These sorts of 
> problems will obviously interact with (or become part of) the dupelim 
> process so should probably be discussed.
> Hope this helps. We need to discuss deadlines for the particular 
> activities. I suggest it would be good to identify a small number of 
> people to make decisions for each of these tasks with whom we can 
> discuss progress and make sure we are approaching it in a way that is 
> compatible with getting the outputs tested and into R3.0.
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