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Hi Deirdre,

Thank you for your informative email.
Scott and I have conferred about the TSG data in ICOADS and your
questions below.

Congratulations on getting the NODC TSG inventory together.  Obviously,
it is a key starting point, and also daunting when the format issue is so great.

From the ICOADS perspective your second possible outcome, a standardized
netCDF format, ranks as most desirable.  A caveat relates to the SUR data that
is already in the WOD, it is discussed below, and Tim B. is cc'd here because
his expert advice is needed.

We now systematically process the WOD SUR data type into ICOADS.  Tim and
crew have adapted the WOD profile format to hold TSG data.  There is a single
set of header information and then successive samples of subsurface data with
location and time stamps.  We appreciate getting these data into ICOADS via the
specially design SUR format in the WOD.  I wonder if a new format, e.g. netCDF,
would be better.  For example, do the TSG archives have associated surface 
meteorological data blended into them?  If so, then the SUR format is not structured
to include them.  There may be other sample by sample QC data, e.g. coming from 
GOSUD, SAMOS, etc. - this is not readily available in the SUR format.  

Near-term we would like to discuss the possibility of bring one or two additional
TSG datasets, in SUR form, into the Release 3.0 ICOADS.  In the long-term
we would like to understand more about the TSG submission formats and possibly
help you make decisions about a TSG netCDF format, and design a shared 
process were all appropriate TSG data are available in ICOADS.  

I guess that is sufficient for a paragraph or two comment.  If a teleconference, or even an extended
side discussion at CLIMAR-IV meeting in June in Asheville would be an option.  Deirdre I understand
you have registered, and the organizers are try to entice Tim to attend.

All the best,

On Feb 18, 2014, at 9:57 AM, Deirdre Byrne - NOAA Federal <deirdre.byrne at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Dear Steve and Scott,
> I've started a small project to try and improve our stewardship of TSG
> data at NODC.  We have just finished our initial survey of what TSG
> data we hold and what we have coming in as a regular data stream.
> Unsurprisingly, the data are held in a variety of formats and at every
> processing level from raw to relatively well-QCed.
> Some possible outcomes of this project are:
> * A more organized presentation of TSG holdings at NODC, organized by
> ship and date and processing level, to aid in discovery of existing
> holdings.
> * A standardized (NetCDF) format for TSG data, without additional processing.
> * A database of TSG data that has been processed to some common standard.
> I would like to engage with the user community to see which of these
> outcomes might be the most useful and to identify more specifically
> what is needed.  We've identified three potential stakeholder
> communities:
> 1. The (satellite) ocean surface salinity community
> 2. Producers of climatological products such as ICOADS, the World
> Ocean Atlas, and the Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas.
> 3. Coastal resource managers and researchers in need of
> high-resolution, area-specific information.
> I'm writing to you as representatives of stakeholder group #2.  I'd be
> very interested in hearing what, if any TSG data is currently used by
> the communities you represent (NOAA SSS team and Aquarius-SACD
> project) and what needs those communities might have. Just for
> reference, we currently receive all of the SAMOS and GOSUD data, as
> well as the raw data from the NOAA fleet and soon to come will be the
> raw data from the UNOLS fleet.
> If you have time to write a paragraph or 1-pager and outline these
> needs, that would be great.  Or if you'd like me to set up a short
> telecon, I can do that.  If you would like to designate an alternate
> POC, please let me know.
> Thanks much,
> Deirdre
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