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Scott Woodruff scott.d.woodruff at noaa.gov
Sat Feb 8 11:30:29 MST 2014

Hi Shawn,
Back when Bob Keeley was initially involved (as JCOMM/DMCG Chair), I 
provided some limited comments on an initial version of this report.

Since the marine program (MMOP) of WMO already points to ICOADS as a 
source for historical marine data, e.g. from:
I think it is a reasonable question whether ICOADS (and probably 
certainly at this stage the GCCs/MCSS) might eventually become at least 
a small part of this cookbook.

ICOADS, GCC, and MCSS are already defined in the Annex XI Acronyms list, 
but not yet otherwise referenced in the text (note the description in 
that Annex of ICOADS including "(USA)" should be changed to "(USA-led)").

However, I also notice that some of the more VOS-related sections remain 
to be filled in by Graeme/Sarah (might be nice if somebody from the 
GCCs/ETMC was involved too though). As internationalization of ICOADS 
proceeds under the nearly-signed LOI, maybe eventually heading towards 
further international formalization via a CMOC, the rationale for 
including ICOADS might well become even more clear-cut.

I've cc'd Dave who I understand was at the JCOMM/DMCG-5 meeting last 
week, and might have further insights/recommendations. Also if it might 
be helpful, I'd be glad to chat with Kelly sometime, assuming she is 
still also located in the NOAA-Boulder building here.  Thanks for this 
head's up.  -Scott

On 2/7/14 11:53 AM, Shawn R. Smith wrote:
> Hey all,
> I just wanted to bring you into this conversation (not that any of us 
> need any more to to). I am not sure if you all are familiar with the 
> JCOMM effort to create the TR-72 data cook book (attached), but I have 
> been asked to contribute some info. Based  on the email below, I am 
> not in favor of including SAMOS as a procedure for the cookbook. They 
> are looking for more "operational" activities (primarily thinking only 
> in the GTS box). That said, I suggested they consider ICOADS as a 
> potential "recipie" for getting delayed-mode marine meteorological and 
> surface ocean data into the World Data Centers. I would anticipate 
> that many people do not wish to push their data to the GTS (especially 
> individual researchers and labs), but it may be reasonable for them to 
> tranlate their data to IMMA (with some good code out there) and submit 
> directly to ICOADS and the WDC at NCDC.
> Just wanted to bring you into the loop. Not sure ICOADS submission 
> procedures are "cookbook" ready, but may be an idea for the near 
> future. ICOADS works for historical data, why not for modern data 
> (bypassing the GTS when needed).
> Cheers,
> Shawn
> Begin forwarded message:
>> *From: *"Stroker Kelly (JCOMMOPS)" <kstroker at jcommops.org 
>> <mailto:kstroker at jcommops.org>>
>> *Subject: **RE: Data submission cookbook*
>> *Date: *February 3, 2014 9:24:09 AM EST
>> *To: *"Shawn R. Smith" <smith at coaps.fsu.edu <mailto:smith at coaps.fsu.edu>>
>> *Cc: *"Kramp Martin (JCOMMOPS)" <mkramp at jcommops.org 
>> <mailto:mkramp at jcommops.org>>
>> Hi Shawn,
>> I'll do my best to address your questions in line below:
>> (sorry for the delay. This was in my draft folder and never made it out!)
>> *From:*Shawn R. Smith [mailto:smith at coaps.fsu.edu]
>> *Sent:*Friday, January 17, 2014 08:10
>> *To:*Stroker Kelly (JCOMMOPS)
>> *Cc:*Kramp Martin (JCOMMOPS)
>> *Subject:*Re: Data submission cookbook
>> Hello Kelly,
>> First off, sorry for the delay. Today I did take a moment to skim the 
>> document to get some idea of what this "cookbook" should include. 
>> That said, I am not certain that I am the best person to write a 
>> cookbook entry for research vessels (especially for real-time data). 
>> So I have some questions before I proceed.
>> I am not sure how familiar you are with the SAMOS initiative 
>> (samos.coaps.fsu.edu <http://samos.coaps.fsu.edu>) that I spearhead, 
>> but our focus is routine receipt and quality processing of underway 
>> meteorological and TSG data from research ships. Our data fall into a 
>> gray area between real-time and delayed-mode. We receive data from 
>> the vessels only once/day, but the files contain high frequency 
>> (1-min interval) data. We have a well established data protocol and 
>> pathway to get the data to a world data center (NODC in the U.S.) 
>> Also, SAMOS is a purely research funded project. We are housed at a 
>> university, not an operational national center.
>> So does this type of project fit the mold for your "cookbooks"?
>> I am somewhat familiar with SAMOS but the goal of the cookbook is not 
>> how to submit data to SAMOS specifically but how to submit data to 
>> the GTS. Etienne Charpentier recommended you as an expert in this 
>> arena for filling in some content on this general cookbook. As you'll 
>> notice in the other "recipes" they describe general processes and 
>> perhaps you can help with this. I am not the originator of this 
>> "cookbook" but somehow have been roped into editing and getting some 
>> additional content so be patient with me!J
>> If so, can you take a look at: 
>> http://samos.coaps.fsu.edu/html/participate.phpto see if this is the 
>> type of information you are looking for to put in a cookbook?
>> Yes. I do think this is some of the kind of information we are 
>> interested in and this is a very nice write up on how to submit data 
>> to SAMOS. Perhaps we can rework this to be general but still include 
>> SAMOS as a portal. ??
>> Also, how does JCOMM envision supporting data contributors that want 
>> to use these cookbooks? Although we would love to see more data 
>> flowing into SAMOS, funding is not available to accept more ships. 
>> How will this be addressed? I am concerned that if we put our 
>> procedures in a cookbook and someone wants to use them, how do we 
>> deal with saying to them, "Sorry, we can not take more ships into the 
>> system unless you can provide funding"?
>> I am glad you are bringing  up this point. As I don't have detailed 
>> knowledge of SAMOS and I see that you collect data from "select" VOS 
>> ships. What about the rest of the VOS ships? Do those chosen VOS 
>> ships fund SAMOS? How were they chosen? I would think that the data 
>> is going into National Oceanographic data centers as well, such as 
>> NODC. Correct? If so, perhaps it is good enough to write the process 
>> but leave out specifics about submitting to SAMOS and mention that 
>> the data need to go to the NODC? Or the World data Center (at NCDC). 
>> Perhaps there is a general process that you can outline here?
>> Note that overall, I like what you are trying to do, but some of 
>> these concerns need to be addressed. Unlike submitting data to the 
>> GTS where the data are processed by an nationally and internationally 
>> supported infrastructure, submitting data to a specialized program 
>> like SAMOS requires additional back-end funding.
>> Finally, for real-time research ship marine meteorological data, I do 
>> not see a difference in the submission practices from what are 
>> presently available for VOS. For example, in the U.S. research ships 
>> submit their meteorological data via SEAS or a similar electronic 
>> logbook system. Paula Rychtar, the U.S. VOS coordinator, would be in 
>> a better postion to address this.
>> Ok. I will contact Paula if that is more appropriate.
>> Hopefully these questions do not add to the confusion. I am certainly 
>> willing to write something for the cookbook (more exposure for the 
>> SAMOS initiative is always good), but I want to make sure what I am 
>> providing is useful/helpful.
>> Awaiting your reply,
>> These are my initial comments. Let's continue a dialog and see what 
>> we can come up with for the 'recipes'. I appreciate your time in this.
>> Shawn
>> On Jan 16, 2014, at 5:22 PM, Stroker Kelly (JCOMMOPS) wrote:
>> Hi Shawn,
>> Would you be able to provide a draft of this content in the next 
>> couple of weeks? Say by the end of January, 2014. I know it's one 
>> more thing on your plate, but we would like to publish this 
>> "cookbook" in the early parts of 2014.
>> Thank you very much for taking the time to put some of your processes 
>> down in writing!
>> All the best,
>> Kelly
>> -------------------------------------------------------------
>> Kelly Stroker
>> DBCP Technical Coordinator
>> OceanSITES Project Office
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>> *From:*Kramp Martin (JCOMMOPS)
>> *Sent:*Tuesday, January 07, 2014 08:37
>> *To:*Graeme Ball; North, Sarah;smith at coaps.fsu.edu 
>> <mailto:smith at coaps.fsu.edu>
>> *Cc:*Stroker Kelly (JCOMMOPS); Belbeoch Mathieu (JCOMMOPS)
>> *Subject:*TR: Data submission cookbook
>> Dear Sarah, Graeme and Shawn,
>> A Happy New Year to all of you!
>> I will attend the DMCG meeting in Geneva at the end of the month, and 
>> we would like to finalize the  "OCEANOGRAPHER'S AND MARINE 
>> Kelly is editor for JCOMMOPS.
>> You will find the draft attached to this message. In chapters 8 and 
>> 9, we would appreciate if you could contribute the corresponding 
>> "recipes". Please let us know if you have in your kitchen what is 
>> needed here.... .
>> Many thanks in advance and kind regards,
>> Martin
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>> *De :*Etienne Charpentier [mailto:echarpentier at wmo.int]
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>> *À :*Stroker Kelly (JCOMMOPS)
>> *Cc :*Kramp Martin (JCOMMOPS)
>> *Objet :*Re: Data submission cookbook
>> Dear Martin (and Kelly),
>> I have slightly edited and reformatted the document, added the 
>> correct JCOMM TR number, a record of changes section, and inserted 
>> comments where things are missing.
>> Please use the new version attached.
>> Please also note that section 9 will have to be completed.
>> Best regards,
>> Etienne
>> <J-TR-72-Data-Cookbook-v0.60_ECh.docx>
>> Cliquezici 
>> <https://www.mailcontrol.com/sr/7mDm3CBTm6LGX2PQPOmvUmzIM3fP2nK%21ryUqQZG6M1MH6EyLZkiyIVolDQdFp%21ndqA0QORD0PH+n9BVBzDB66w==>si 
>> ce message est indésirable (pourriel).
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