[icoads_usa] R2.5.1i and R2.5.1 [IMMA data and read software for IVAD prototyping]

Steve Worley worley at ucar.edu
Fri Oct 25 15:02:33 MDT 2013


You are correct - we are not set up to extract data from R2.5.1i, actually under any conditions.
Our services are still locked on R2.5.0 - of course fill sets are available.

Your ideas are entirely possible and we are in fact doing things similar to it now.  Briefly, we 
don't run this through the GUI, but use a web service approach with a python client.
*) we provide a template for the request constraints and use python code to deliver that to
*) we receive the request, screen it for security purposes, then submit it for processing
*) when the processing is finished the data can be retrieved from an http address, or by running 
    the python code, with a different option, again.
We will create a template for all the GUI functionality, and there is no reason we couldn't do the
same for a UID specification - with or without IMMA section selection.


On Oct 25, 2013, at 2:10 PM, "Shawn R. Smith" <smith at coaps.fsu.edu> wrote:

> Hey Steve,
> I am downloading the R2.5.1i to start some IVAD testing with Dave Berry's data and it got me to thinking whether it would be possible to extract record for an array of UIDs from the database at NCAR? Possibly we are not ready for this yet, but would be an interesting topic to consider during our upcoming meeting. Basically I am thinking of a tool (web? Linked data?) that would allow a user to input an array of UIDs and get the IMMA1 records for those UIDs back. A more advanced option would allow selection of say individual parameters or more broadly sections of the IMMA record (e.g., C0, C1, ..., C99).
> Just brainstorming...
> Shawn

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