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Scott Woodruff scott.d.woodruff at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 10 09:15:25 MDT 2013

Thanks for setting these up, Steve.

I've just put in a subscription submission to join the international list.

How about this list of additional invitees for the usa list?:
     Zaihua Ji <zji at ucar.edu>
     Jay Lawrimore <Jay.Lawrimore at noaa.gov>
     Sandy Lubker <Sandra.J.Lubker at noaa.gov>
     Karsten Shein <Karsten.Shein at noaa.gov>
     Shawn Smith <smith at coaps.fsu.edu>

The list of invitees for the international list partnership list could 
be derived (largely anyway) I think from the recent EarthTemp mailing on 
the R3.0 workplan. Until the U.S. Gov't shutdown is resolved, probably 
there isn't much urgency to issue further invitations, but I was 
thinking it might be advantageous to get this rolled out (both usa and 
int) prior to our ICOADS/IVAD meeting in Nov. (note: thus far 
international responses to my Doodle have been limited: 
http://doodle.com/2pmkevgdzeqhpvpp), so that it could be discussed 
further then.

I'm theoretically departing on vacation starting tomorrow (back in the 
office 5 Nov.), but may work more into next week depending on the 
shutdown (including of Yosemite N.P.) status.

Eric: Depending on how the above sounds to you and Steve, would you be 
agreeable to carry this forward in my absence in terms of issuing the 
invitations, which could also potentially await some in-person 
discussion with Jay (once shutdown dust settles!)? Thanks,  -Scott

On 10/10/13 6:17 AM, Steve Worley wrote:
> Scott and Eric,
> Thanks for following through and joining the icoads_usa email list.
> You two were added via a direct invitation, i.e. I typed in your email 
> address, and you replied as requested.
> I prefer not to be responsible for adding new members and deleting 
> members from the list, although I
> can do that in a pinch.
> So here is how it works:
> from this page:
> http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/icoads_usa
> a user may subscribe.
> I have set the subscription hurdle to be confirmed and approved by me. 
>  This reduces the likelihood of
> spam and people getting on the wrong list.
> An archive of all emails is built as time goes on and list members 
> have access to that - again see the
> http above.
> I have also created an email list for possibly international partner 
> communications, it is call icoads_int.
> I have set the maximum email message body size to be 500 kBytes.  I 
> don't know, at this point, if it includes
> the attachment size or not.  I'm thinking about the impact on size by 
> .pptx files.
> Now the questions?
> 1) Who should be on the icoads_usa email list other than us three?
>     * simply have them go to: 
> http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/icoads_usa  and subscribe
> 2) Should we activate icoads_int now?
>     * simply have them go to: 
> http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/icoads_int  and subscribe
> Sjw
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