[icoads_usa] email lists for ICOADS

Steve Worley worley at ucar.edu
Thu Oct 10 06:17:06 MDT 2013

Scott and Eric,

Thanks for following through and joining the icoads_usa email list.

You two were added via a direct invitation, i.e. I typed in your email address, and you replied as requested.

I prefer not to be responsible for adding new members and deleting members from the list, although I 
can do that in a pinch.

So here is how it works:
from this page:
a user may subscribe.

I have set the subscription hurdle to be confirmed and approved by me.  This reduces the likelihood of
spam and people getting on the wrong list.  

An archive of all emails is built as time goes on and list members have access to that - again see the
http above.

I have also created an email list for possibly international partner communications, it is call icoads_int.

I have set the maximum email message body size to be 500 kBytes.  I don't know, at this point, if it includes
the attachment size or not.  I'm thinking about the impact on size by .pptx files.  

Now the questions?
1) Who should be on the icoads_usa email list other than us three? 
    * simply have them go to: http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/icoads_usa  and subscribe 
2) Should we activate icoads_int now?
    * simply have them go to: http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/icoads_int  and subscribe

Steven Worley / NCAR
worley at ucar.edu
Wrk: 303.497.1248
Mobile: 720.468.1961

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