[icoads_usa] Draft Meeting Minutes - Intl Partner Telecon 6 Nov 2013

Scott Woodruff scott.d.woodruff at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 13 08:35:09 MST 2013

Yes I think that extra info about the US process could be informative to 
the international folks. But I'd just suggest making it into a document 
footnote rather than leaving it as an embedded comment. How about 
rewording it slightly to something like:
     * Additional timing information: After NCDC completes an internal 
Division review currently underway: (1) UCAR still needs to see an 
annotated version (since we had recommended that a few changes suggested 
earlier by them not be adopted), and (2) as noted in the Annex the 
document has not yet been seen by CIRES management yet.
Thanks, -Scott

On 11/13/13 5:17 AM, Eric Freeman wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Thanks for the additions. I've accepted the changes into a new version 1.
> Should I keep the comment in the document for the others info?
> Thanks,
> Eric
> On 11/12/2013 4:22 PM, Scott Woodruff wrote:
>> Eric,
>> Thanks, good start on these.
>> See the attached version where I've suggested some
>> edits/clarifications, including in the LOI section.
>> Also, I've suggested attaching an update of the LOI status table as
>> the Annex.
>> -Scott
>> On 11/12/13 10:01 AM, Eric Freeman wrote:
>>> Hey Gents,
>>> Attached are the minutes from our meeting.
>>> Let me know if you have anything to add. I'll incorporate the changes
>>> then get it out to our intl partners.
>>> Good seeing you all last week!
>>> Cheers,
>>> Eric

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