[icoads_usa] Opinion Editorial for GDJ

Steve Worley worley at ucar.edu
Mon Nov 11 09:22:40 MST 2013


Rob Allan floated some ideas this morning in a GDJ teleconference that
would be worth further discussion when you see him at the ACRE meeting
next week.

Would it be appropriate and beneficial to the ICOADS project to publish a 
brief OpEd article in the GDJ (if the editor, Rob, would approve) covering
the following?
 - the history part from the proposed BAMS article that was rejected
 - the value of long-term observational data collection, QC, and publishing 
 - the difficulty in maintaining continuity even though the data asset is hugely
 - the ICOADS situation and how international partnerships is the ICOADS evolving solution

I would see this as not preempting the other larger articles we have been considering associated
with IVAD and Release 3.0.

Your thoughts?

Steven Worley / NCAR
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