[icoads_usa] Delayed Mode buoy update for ICOADS

Steve Worley worley at ucar.edu
Fri Nov 8 09:46:53 MST 2013


We wish to use FTP access to acquire all the TAO/TRITON, PIRATA,
and RAMA delayed mode data.  As in the past, these data are the foundation
for the Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array (GTMBA) in the International Comprehensive
Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS).  We are seeking the highest resolution, quality 
controlled, long duration file sets.   All meteorological parameters (wind, air temperature, RH,
alp, etc..) and ocean surface data (temperature, salinity, etc.) are of interest.  

Metadata is also important.  In the past you have provided several files with information about 
deployment and recovery dates, WMO numbers, nominal locations, etc..  We will need these also.

Our data processing removes GTMBA data received via GTS and replaces it with the DM data.

 - Can you describe any quality or resolution differences, if any, that exist between the PMEL DM GTMBA
   collection and the NDBC (since 2011) prepared data now being archived at NODC?  Is more or different
   QC being applied by NDBC?
 - We can search the web and have records where we last collected the JAMSTEC part of the GTMBA.  Can
    you recommend a specific location?

Steven Worley, and the ICOADS team

Steven Worley / NCAR
worley at ucar.edu
Wrk: 303.497.1248
Mobile: 720.468.1961

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