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Fran Bagenal bagenal at lasp.colorado.edu
Wed Jul 24 08:58:26 MDT 2013

Jan, Karel - partly testing the mailing list - but would also like a response.

- I put together the message below that I would like to send
out to the Instructors - comments?  Fran

Dear Instructors

Many thanks for all your work in making the HSS2013 a big success.
We received enthusiastic reports from the students about the lectures.
Here are some lessons that we have learned that we hope to act on
for next year. We welcome any additional thoughts you may have.

- The lecture notes and videos are all available on the
HSS public website.
You are welcome to connect students
and colleagues to these pages. As we move into our 8th year we
are planning to organize these notes and lectures under themes
to help people find material under topics.

- homework assignments did not work this year.
We are going to work on better ways to work with the students
and with fewer problems. We will distribute examples in advance
and hope to develop some - fewer - assignments that are
we (deans + instructors) can work with the students, perhaps in
small groups.

- To help us develop better assignments, it would help if we had
copies of your assignments from this year - and solutions!
I'll work with Kendra on gathering material that was distributed
during the week. But if you want to just email me your materials
that would be great.

- Our experiment of having the teachers around was a
great success!  They each developed some worksheets
for use in undergraduate courses, at a range of levels,
and they gave us some useful advice on how we can
make future involvement of teachers an even greater success.
You will be hearing more about such products in the future.

- Nick Gross will be working with us on (a) polishing the labs
into products that can be used in heliophysics-related courses,
(b) collating and distributing the undergraduate products.

Many thanks for all your help - it was a great week!

Fran Bagenal
Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
UCB 600 University of Colorado
3665 Discovery Drive
Boulder CO 80303
Tel. 303 492 2598   Fax. 303 7353737
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