[Gsi_news] Free BUFR Tutorial on December 13, 2011

Jose Luis Perez jolpl2003 at yahoo.com.mx
Wed Dec 7 08:23:10 MST 2011

My name is Jose Luis Perez from National Weather Service of Mexico, I am interested in participating in the workshop.

thank you.

Fís. José Luis Pérez López
Meteorología, Modelación y Cómputo Científico

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Asunto: [Gsi_news] Free BUFR Tutorial on December 13, 2011

Dear BUFR/PrepBUFR users,

This is a reminder that DTC will hold a free BUFR/PrepBUFR tutorial on December 13, 2011, which is only one week from today.  Please see the attached tutorial agenda for the details. 

If interested, please send gsi_help at ucar.edu an email including your name by this Thursday.  We will send conference room number and ready-talk number out on this Friday.


DTC Data Assimilation Team

BUFR Tutorial

Time:  10:00-12:00am US Mountain Time, December 13, 2011
Location: NCAR Foothill Lab (ready talk for remote attendee)

—Introduction to extended BUFR community support (10-min)
BUFR Basic: Self-descriptive
table driving form  (15-min)
—BUFR file processing
—10 minutes break
—BUFR Tables (30-min)
—GSI BUFR Interface
(15 min)
—NCEP observation data
process procedure and products (10-min)
—Q&A (15-min)
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