[Grad-postdoc-assn] Proposals & Budgets Panel - Feb. 21st

Valerie Sloan vsloan at ucar.edu
Wed Feb 7 08:30:45 MST 2018

Dear grad students & postdocs,

Please join us on Feb. 21st for a panel on writing proposals and budgets
presented by the NCAR Fellows Association.

*Proposals & Budgets Panel*

*Time:*         Wed., Feb. 21st, 3:00 PM
*Plate: *        EOL atrium (FL1 - 2198)
*Panelists:*   Wiebke Dierling (RAL scientist), Matthew Long (CGD
scientist), and Valerie Koch (NCAR Budgets & Planning manager)

Budget & Planning manager Valerie Koch will provide insights on important
aspects of budgtes. NCAR scientists Wiebke Dierling and Matthew Long will
answer questions and share their experiences.

*Examples of questions you might ask include: *

   - How can you develop collaborations that lead to grant writing?
   - Do you send in proposals cold, or do you send a short description to
   the program manager and ask if your ideas align with the funding goals?
   - Is it helpful if the funding program manager knows who you are, and
   how can you make that happen?
   - What are some important things to know about budgets? For example:
   What are PSC or Participant Support Costs? What kinds of formal personnel
   roles are there for a postdoc or grad student?

I will send out a calendar invitation.  Don't miss out on getting some
golden nuggets of information!

- Valerie

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