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Just in case someone is interested...


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I’m Dan Nagle and I’m NCAR’s representative on the Fortran standards

The Fortran committees will meet in Boulder at Mesa Lab in June this year.
This is the major annual meeting and will shape strategy for years to come.
Wednesday, June 8th in the afternoon, is set aside for the committee
to meet with NCAR Fortran programmers.

I will hold a workshop on "How to Present Your Ideas" to the standards
It is scheduled for April 27th at 1400 in the VizLab in ML.

I would like to establish a mailing list, to be maintained by CISL, to
these events to NCAR Fortran programmers.

So I ask that you communicate this message with Fortran programmers
within your group who might be interested.  Please have the Fortran
send me (dnagle at ucar.edu) their email addresses to be added to the list.
Of course, one may join the list or quit the list at any time.

I can promise to use the list only sparingly.  But I want to ensure that
as many Fortran programmers as possible have a chance to participate.

. . . and thanks for your support!


Dan Nagle
dnagle at ucar.edu
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