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*Number 121: September 15, 2015*
  AIP Seeks Applicants for State Department Fellowship Program

If you are a scientist interested in the intersection of science, policy
and international affairs, AIP encourages you to apply for an AIP State
Department fellowship.  The application deadline for the 2016-17 term is
November 1, 2015.

Issues involving S&T are an important part of America’s diplomatic
portfolio, and most international policy issues have a technical component,
making it essential for the U.S. Department of State to have knowledgeable
scientific input.  This fellowship is a unique opportunity for a scientist
to contribute scientific and technical expertise to the Department and
raise awareness of the value of scientific input. In turn, scientists
broaden their experience by interacting with policymakers in the federal
government and learning about the foreign policy process.  AIP Fellows have
worked on topics as varied as critical infrastructure protection, export
controls, use of remote sensing imagery, biotechnology and the safety of
agricultural products, as well as European, Russian, and Chinese science

The fellowship includes a $77,500 stipend, health insurance reimbursement,
relocation funds and a professional development allotment.

*Application Information and Qualifications*

Qualified scientists at any stage of their career are encouraged to apply.
Applicants must be U.S. citizens, have a PhD in physics or a closely
related field, be members of one or more of AIP’s Member Societies and be
eligible to receive an appropriate security clearance prior to starting the
fellowship.  For information on AIP’s Fellowship program qualifications and
application instructions, please visit our website
<http://aip-info.org/1ZJN-3O9BX-E29EK3-1RPXWD-1/c.aspx>. Final interviews
will take place early in 2016 and the 12-month Fellowship term will begin
in the fall of 2016.

AIP does not take a role in the Fellow’s placement, but does encourage its
fellows to seek opportunities beyond the traditional roles for scientists
in the Department when interviewing for an assignment, to broaden the reach
and visibility of scientific expertise within the Department. Application
components include a letter of intent, resume and three letters of
recommendation.  More information and a link to our online application
portal are available at the website
<http://aip-info.org/1ZJN-3O9BX-E29EK3-1RPXWD-1/c.aspx>. Developing a
clear, comprehensive and competitive application takes significant time. *Start
early and contact your references as soon as possible.  All application
materials must be received by the November 1st deadline. *

Please see our website
<http://aip-info.org/1ZJN-3O9BX-E29EK3-1RPXWD-1/c.aspx> or contact Jennifer
Greenamoyer (jgreenamoyer at aip.org, 301-209-3104) if you have questions or
need additional information.


Richard M. Jones
Government Relations Division
American Institute of Physics
rjones at aip.org
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