[Grad-postdoc-assn] ASP seminar next Wednesday (8 April) by Frank Bryan from NCAR

Hyeyum (Hailey) Shin hshin at ucar.edu
Wed Apr 1 10:13:54 MDT 2015

HI all,

The next ASP seminar by Frank Bryan (CGD/NCAR) will take place on next Wed.
(8 April) at "11:30 am" in the ML Main Seminar room, and will be followed
by lunch with the speaker in the ML cafeteria. Please, note the unusual
start time.

Here are detailed information about his seminar. Hope to see you all there!

Ocean Variability and Climate

The ocean has intrinsic variability arising from hydrodynamic instabilities
of the time mean circulation, analogous to weather systems in the
atmosphere. However, the ocean models typically used in climate assessments
are too coarse and viscous to resolve these instability mechanisms, and
this variability is strongly suppressed or entirely absent. Over the last
two decades there has been tremendous progress in parameterizing the
integrated effects of ocean eddies on the mean circulation, but the
contributions to climate variability remain unrepresented. Recent
pioneering integrations with high-resolution coupled climate models and the
emergence of high-resolution global remote sensing observations allow us to
begin to identify the geographical regions, space scales, and time scales
at which the ocean may contribute to climate variability.

Hyeyum Shin,
on behalf of ASP seminar committee.
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