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Dear All

FYI. You might find some of this interesting and relevant to some 
ongoing collaborations. Note also the open positions and please 
distribute that announcement as appropriate.

Best regards


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> *Subject:* *Two Assistant Professor Positions at GMU*
> Dear COLA SAC members,
> I wanted to give you an update on COLA's status with respect to 
> several items that were discussed at the last COLA Scientific Advisory 
> Committee meeting.
> First, the COLA "omnibus" proposal was submitted in February 2013, and 
> we are currently waiting to hear from the agencies regarding the 
> review. We are hopeful that a decision will be announced within the 
> next month or two.
> Second, as of this week, COLA has moved to the Fairfax campus of 
> George Mason University. We have moved into space in Research Hall 
> formerly occupied by the Dean of the College of Science. As Jim 
> described to you, we are very excited about this move, because it 
> provides COLA with an opportunity to interact more closely with all 
> elements of the university, but especially with the academic units and 
> research centers that have a climate interest.
> Third, we are very pleased to announce that GMU has given us 
> permission to advertise two assistant professor (tenure-track) 
> positions in Climate Dynamics. This is in addition to the 10 faculty 
> positions that COLA scientists already occupy in the Department of 
> Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences at GMU. Please find attached 
> the position announcement. As you will see, the announcement is quite 
> broad within the discipline of climate dynamics, covering a wide range 
> of time scales and phenomena. We welcome your suggestions and advice 
> about potential candidates for these positions. We also would deeply 
> appreciate it if you would bring this announcement to the attention of 
> any young, brilliant scientists who would be suitable. Applications 
> can be submitted at the following web site:
> https://jobs.gmu.edu/postings/30728
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Shukla
> University Professor, George Mason University
> President, Institute of Global Environment & Society
> 11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 101, Rockville, MD 20852, USA
> Tel: +1-301-595-7000
> E-mail: shukla at cola.iges.org <mailto:shukla at cola.iges.org>
> http://www.iges.org/

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