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Vanessa Schweizer vanessa at ucar.edu
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see announcement below

Vanessa Schweizer
Postgraduate Scientist
Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Division &
Integrated Science Program (ISP)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
P.O. Box 3000 | Boulder, CO 80307 | USA

Phone: +1 (303) 497-1713
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 <http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=5ONqbQs8SJo4yCnaWwPGHQ>  <
http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=rRU_w_3g4sN1eQozWl7BRw>  <

Climate Scientist Position Available at the Union of Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists is seeking applicants for a California
Climate Scientist position in our West Coast Office. If you are interested
or know a friend or colleague who might be interested, please take a moment
to read and share the job description.

*California Climate Scientist*
The person who fills this position will have exciting opportunities to
design and carry out research on the current and projected impacts of
climate change, help raise awareness in the region of the consequences of
climate change, and provide critical information that can help shape
policies for adapting for changes to come and advancing California's
cutting-edge mitigation efforts to reduce heat-trapping emissions. More
information here <http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=Sf12PY7kbeExnMvKTqj0nQ>
       We hope you will take a minute to apply or pass this opportunity
along to others in your relevant networks. Help us grow our team of
scientists and experts working for a better world.

Help Us Find Talented Experts

Please take a moment to view the climate scientist and other job
descriptions and pass news of these job opportunities along to others in
your relevant networks.  <

 Tell A Colleague

Please encourage your colleagues to sign up <
http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=2-cbmEpYLOH7oAKAgG8zQg>  and help
increase our effectiveness in creating a healthy environment and a safer
world. *CLICK HERE* <
http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=H2IMsl0nl2UJgDNUiF61Zg> .

The Union of Concerned Scientists puts rigorous, independent science to
work to solve our planet's most pressing problems.
Joining with citizens across the country, we combine technical analysis and
effective advocacy
to create innovative, practical solutions for a healthy, safe, and
sustainable future.

UCS is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible. You can be
confident your donations to UCS are spent wisely. <
http://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=l9BrxCqeG200VRfmtha-3g> Union of
Concerned Scientists
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