[Grad-postdoc-assn] A Conversation with Warren Washington

Scott Briggs sbriggs at ucar.edu
Tue Sep 25 09:11:42 MDT 2012

"A Conversation with Warren Washington"

DATE & TIME:      September 25, 12:00-1:00pm

LOCATION:         FL2-1001

SPEAKER:          Warren Washington

Warren M. Washington is an internationally recognized expert on 
atmospheric science and climate research. He has specialized in climate 
modeling and the use of such models for understanding climate system.  
More recently, he and Jerry Meehl have been heading a group at NCAR that 
performs climate model simulations of future climate change.  He has 
served as a science advisor to former presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, 
and Clinton.  In 2010, President Obama awarded Warren the National Medal 
of Science. Washington became one of the first developers of 
groundbreaking atmospheric computer models in collaboration with Akira 
Kasahara when he came to NCAR in the early 1960s. These models, which 
use fundamental laws of physics to predict future states of the 
atmosphere, have helped scientists understand climate change.  As the 
second African-American to earn a doctorate in the atmospheric sciences, 
Washington has served as a role model for generations of young 
researchers from many backgrounds. He has mentored dozens of graduate 
students, as well as undergraduates in the SOARS program. In 1999, 
Washington won the Dr. Charles Anderson Award from the American 
Meteorological Society "for pioneering efforts as a mentor and 
passionate support of individuals, educational programs, and outreach 
initiatives designed to foster a diverse population of atmospheric 

Topics will include:

   * Personal views on career development
   * Advice to early career scientists
   * Views on diversity in the geosciences both on the local (NCAR) and
     national level

All staff and visitors are invited to attend this talk, which is 
sponsored by the UCAR Asian Circle.

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