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Hi all,

Below is a wonderful opportunity.  ESL stands for "English as a Second 

Go to 
to register.


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Professional Writing Skills, Workshop by Dr. Johnson
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Hi All,

This is an opportunity for ESLers to improve the writing skills. It is a 
lunch-time seminar; please take every chance to learn. 

      How to Improve Professional Writing Skills: The Nine Most
      important Grammar and Editing Tips

Dr. Antonia Johnson from Clear Talk Mastery will present a 1.5-hour 
workshop on "How to Improve Pressional Writing Skills: The Nine Most 
Important Grammar and Editing Tips" on Friday, March 11, 2011, 
11:30am-1:00pm, at FL2-1001.

Of all the hundreds of things to do to improve writing, which are the 
most important for a person with English as a second language?  The 
workshop will tell the answer. Dr. Antonia Johnson will describe the six 
naked grammar rules.  Violate any one of these rules, and the mistake 
leaps out at the reader or listener just as if you were to walk out of 
your home naked. Dr. Johnson will identify the best editing tips for ESL 
and all writers. Lastly, she will reveal the simple secrets for optimal 
proofreading: what you should look for and how to find mistakes. This 
view of critical grammar rules and editing tips comes from expert 
opinion; Dr. Johnson's experience and interviews with 500 technical or 
scientific ESL individuals from 57 countries and 58 first languages (and 
their bosses and colleagues); and recent interviews with NCAR/UCAR 

For more information, contact Jielun Sun at ext. 8994, jsun at ucar.edu 
<mailto:jsun at ucar.edu>

Additional information available at: CommSci/ESL 


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