[Grad-postdoc-assn] EAC craft fair - last 45 min!

Vanessa Schweizer vanessa at ucar.edu
Fri Nov 5 13:15:36 MDT 2010

It ends at 2:00 PM, and there is some cool stuff here, especially the stuff
from the defunct NCAR science store. The science store goods are being sold
at 50+% off. I got some very beautiful Christmas tree ornaments (of the Mesa
Lab!), some cloud socks for my toddler "nephew" (yes, they say NCAR on
them!), an NCAR lapel pin, and a bunch of velvet NCAR baggies. The kids
clothing seems pretty cool if you know how to read meteorological symbols.
Anyway, I learned from someone here that NCAR used to have a science store,
but it doesn't anymore. This is your last chance to get some NCAR swag if


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