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Ethan Gutmann Ethan.Gutmann at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 1 10:01:38 MDT 2009

Dear Postdocs and Grad students,

This wednesday we will have the last ASP seminar of the spring.  Bruce  
Vaughn from the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at  
CU will be speaking about the use of stable isotopes measurements in  
atmospheric and environmental sciences.  Bruce is a great guy, and he  
has been running one of the top stable isotope labs with Jim White for  
a long time now.  Stable isotopes provide a rich source of relatively  
untapped data.

I hope you all can make it,

ASP Seminar
Wed. June 3rd 11AM
Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room

Global network measurements of atmospheric trace gas isotopes and  
emerging technologies for exploiting stable isotopes in the environment.

Bruce H. Vaughn, INSTAAR, University of Colorado

  Stable isotopes are powerful indicators, integrators, recorders and  
tracers of physical processes in our atmosphere and biosphere.  This  
talk provides a window into some unique applications of their use,  
including international networks of atmospheric measurements in a  
global climate change context.  It will also highlight emerging  
technology that may change the way spectroscopy has been done for the  
last 100 years.  New tools are providing opportunities to make  
measurements previously not possible, opening doors to new frontiers  
in environmental sciences, climate change and global monitoring.

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