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>> Permanent full-time position: "Chemistry-climate Interactions"
>> National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New  
>> Zealand
>> The NIWA global climate and atmospheric chemistry modelling group  
>> seeks a researcher for a full-time, permanent position starting 1  
>> July 2008 or as soon as possible thereafter. This group conducts a  
>> wide range of modelling activities including climate modelling and  
>> coupled-chemistry climate modelling. The primary purpose of this  
>> position is to advance the development of the two chemistry climate  
>> models in operation at NIWA - the UMETRAC (Unified Model with  
>> Eulerian Transport And Chemistry) model and the SOCOL (SOlar  
>> Climate Ozone Links) model. The UMETRAC model runs on NIWA's Cray  
>> T3E supercomputer. There are plans to purchase a new high  
>> performance computer facility of the order of 60 TeraFlops, which  
>> this role would have access to. The operation and development of  
>> the CCMs is conducted in close cooperation with international  
>> collaborators in the research and the role would include  
>> international cooperation. A focus of the research is to use the  
>> chemistry-climate models to decompose the feedbacks between the  
>> chemical composition of the stratosphere and the climate, to study  
>> the evolution of  the ozone layer in a changing climate, and to  
>> validate the models through comparisons with measurements  
>> (supporting our participation in the SPARC CCMVal activity).  
>> Additional work would include the further development and operation  
>> of UMeth (Unified Model with Methane), a version of the UM  
>> including emission and transport of methane isotopic species, and  
>> destruction by hydroxyl and chlorine sinks.
>> The chemistry-climate modelling research is based at NIWA's  
>> research facility at Lauder. The Lauder research station is in a  
>> sparsely populated region of Central Otago, chosen for its clean  
>> air and cloudless skies to facilitate the measurement programmes.  
>> Central Otago provides excellent opportunities for outdoor pursuits  
>> including mountain biking, kayaking, cross-country skiing in  
>> winter, rock climbing etc. Most of the people working at Lauder  
>> live in Alexandra, 30 minutes drive from Lauder and an hour's drive  
>> from Queenstown.
>> Preferably we would appoint someone in mid-career or with a few  
>> years of post-doctoral experience, but excellent PhD graduates will  
>> also be considered. The intention is that the applicant will  
>> overlap with the person currently holding this position (who will  
>> be leaving NIWA at the end of 2008) and will receive extensive on  
>> the job training. The applicant must have a PhD in atmospheric  
>> physics, atmospheric chemistry or a related field, an excellent  
>> working knowledge of Fortran, and preferably some experience  
>> working with general circulation models. Preference will be given  
>> to atmospheric chemists. Knowledge of the UK Met Office Unified  
>> Model and previous work with climate models would be advantageous.
>> The position offers a competitive pay package with additional  
>> benefits and is commensurate with New Zealand salaries for  
>> researchers at this level. Applications for the position must be  
>> made through the NIWA web page, viz.:
>> <http://www.niwa.co.nz/about/jobs/jobs/chemistry-climate_modeller>
>> The closing date is 31 March 2008 but I will continue to accept  
>> applications until a suitable candidate has been found.
>> Please email me at g.bodeker at niwa.co.nzif you require additional  
>> information.
>> -- -------------------------------------
>> Dr. Greg Bodeker NIWA Private Bag 50061 Omakau Central Otago New  
>> Zealand ph: +64-3-4400438 fax: +64-3-4473348 If for any reason  
>> emails to my NIWA address bounce, please
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