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Hi all,

Come find out about the research of Isabelle Ruin, one of our newest 


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Hi All

The next ISSE Coffee Talk will be in room 2133 FL1 at 10AM February 19th.

Speaker: Isabelle Ruin
Joseph Fourier University
Alpine Geography Institute
Grenoble, France

Title: Going against the flow. Travel patterns in the Southern France: a
vulnerability factor of flash floods.

Flash floods trigger the highest mortality rate in natural disasters
because of the rapidity of their onset and extreme violence. They arrive
suddenly and surprise people who are in the midst of their daily
activities, particularly striking during people's travels. For each
catastrophy, up to half of the deaths are road users.
Hydro-meteorological research allows for more prediction lead-time and
can reduce uncertainty. However, social vulnerability remains an
outstanding focus. Experts call for a comprehensive integration of
social and natural sciences to better understand public responses. In
this context, my thesis research addresses people’s travel patterns
during flash floods and makes two assumptions : i) people’s
unwillingness to change their daily routines, ii) discrepancy between
individual space-time representations and actual flash flood phenomenon

Using questionnaires or cognitive maps to interview a total of 1,428
residents and tourists visiting the Gard « département », I demonstrated
that « at risk » travel patterns result in a mix of three factors :
spatio-temporal exposure, cognitive understanding of risks on the road,
but also daily family and professional constraints. Based on this
analysis, I suggest a range of targeted preventative actions and some
new research perspectives.

As always there will be coffee, tea and good cookies. We look forward to
seeing you there!

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