[Grad-postdoc-assn] Sept social: Ben Lamptey's going away social this Fri, 5:45 Wilderness Pub

hopson hopson at ucar.edu
Tue Sep 25 19:21:45 MDT 2007

Hello All,

one of our fellow ASPer's 2yr flash-in-the-pan lifespan has just about 
been reached! Please come and send Ben Lamptey and his family off back 
to Ghana in good cheer at the Wilderness Pub, 5:45pm, this Friday 
(directions at: http://www.boulderbeer.com)!!!

(And even for those out there new to the list who as of yet don't know 
Ben, do please come join us and meet the group ... all welcome!!!)

If you can come and know in-advance you'll be there, please sign up on 
the grad-postdoc-social swiki at: http://swiki.ucar.edu/grad-postdoc-socials

Hope to see you on Fri (and again, all welcome: family, friends, mere 
acquaintances, and especially those generous souls willing to buy the 
first round!)!

grad-postdoc-assn "social committee"
Andrea, Dave, Kelley, Rebecca, Simone, Tom

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