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Subject: Special Seminar on Gender Equity in Science and Engineering
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Dear Fellow Postdocs,

   This Thursday at 3:30pm in the JILA auditorium, Dr. Claude Canizares from
MIT will be giving a special seminar entitled "Achieving Gender Equity in
and Engineering Faculites:  A Work in Progress.  The seminar will be
followed by
a reception on the 11th floor of the Gamow Tower.

    Dr. Canizares is the Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics, Vice President for
Research and Associate Provost at MIT, and an Associate Director of the
Chandra X-ray Observatory.  Dr. Canizares is also the Co-Chair of the
Research Council committee on Gender Differences in Careers of Science,
Engineering, and Mathematics Faculty.


Sandi Clement
Co-President of the Postdoctoral Association of Colorado (PAC)

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