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Paula Fisher paulad at ucar.edu
Wed Jun 13 10:56:22 MDT 2007

Dear postdocs,

Below is a request from our Education and Outreach office seeking a 
postdoc who would be willing to meet with participants of the 
Undergraduate Leadership Workshop next week.  This would be a nice 
opportunity to impart some of your knowledge and experience to the next 
generation of researchers.

The details of the request are below.  If you are interested in 
participating, please respond to both me and to Tim Barnes 
(tbarnes at ucar.edu) as soon as possible.



Susan Foster and I are preparing the speakers for the UCAR Office of
Education and Outreach, NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop (ULW).
Last year for our luncheon two SOARS Proteges, an ULW alum, an ASP
postdoc, and an ECSA member lunched with the ULW participants and talked
about their experiences toward, during, and after graduate school. The
ULW participants indicated to us afterwards that this was a very
fruitful experience!

This year we are planning a breakfast buffet, instead of a luncheon ,
from 7:45 - 9:30 AM on Thursday, June 21 in the E&O Seminar area
(located on floor 2, CG-2), close to where you office was I believe!?
Would it be possible to canvas the ASP population and find a
representative who would enjoy free food and the chance to chat with the
juniors, and seniors, who were  selected by the faculty of their UCAR
Member (or Affiliate) institutions as future leaders?

Tim Barnes
Coordinator, NCAR ULW
UCAR Information Specialist / Interpreter (CIG)
UCAR Office of Education and Outreach
303.497.1169/303.497.2571 (fax: 303.497.1172)
ecoute a ton coeur et souvient a ton rêve

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