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*_Post Doctoral Position in Regional Atmospheric Modelling_***

The Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (WCAS) has an immediate
position at the Post Doctoral Level in the regional atmospheric
modelling group.  The WCAS modelling group includes Research Associates,
Post Doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students who focus on research into
chemical transport modelling of atmospheric processes in North America.
The group also includes a meteorologist and a computer systems
specialist.  Our modelling systems include MM5 and WRF for meteorology
and the SMOKE/CMAQ CTM system for chemical transport studies.
  Computations are done on a Linux cluster, which we also use to produce
a local weather forecast (see http://www.forecast.uwaterloo.ca

This project involves the development of capabilities for
source-receptor studies of chemical transport processes.  A variety of
options including inverse modeling and Lagrangian methods are being
considered, with a focus on the identifications of source regions for
ozone, mercury and toxic organic pollutants that affect sensitive
receptors.  Applicants with previous experience in regional atmospheric
modelling and chemical transport model development will be given
preference.  Further information on the technical aspects of the work
may be obtained from Professor J.J. Sloan, WCAS Research Director

The WCAS is located at the University of Waterloo
(_http://www.uwaterloo.ca/_) in the Kitchener-Waterloo urban area
(_http://win.uwaterloo.ca/win/_), which has a population of
approximately 250,000, and is surrounded by a pleasant, mostly
agricultural, rural region.

Applications, including a full CV, should be sent immediately to:

Mrs. Yoga Arumugam
Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Sciences
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
Tel: +1 519 888 4567 Ext: 6667
Fax: +1 519 746 0435
e-mail: _wcas at uwaterloo.ca_

http://www.wcas.uwaterloo.ca <http://www.wcas.uwaterloo.ca/>


//Yoga Arumugam,//

//Waterloo//// Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (WCAS),//

//Department of Chemistry, Phy Bldg, Rm 2022//

//University//// of Waterloo////, //

//Waterloo////, ON N2L 3G1//

//Tel: 519-888-4567 ext 36667         FAX: 519-746-0435//

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