[Grad-postdoc-assn] WACCM tutorial announcemnt

Maura Hagan hagan at ucar.edu
Fri Jun 1 10:26:33 MDT 2007

   Please consider the appended opportunity to learn more
about WACCM. Best regards.

>The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model, version 3 (WACCM3) is 
>a state of the art climate model extending from the earth's surface 
>to the lower thermosphere. WACCM is based on the Community 
>Atmosphere Model (CAM) and includes additional physics and chemistry 
>that are important in the middle and upper atmosphere.
>On June8 , 10 am, FL0 2512, Doug Kinnison (ACD/NCAR) will give a 
>chemistry tutorial specific to WACCM3. The following aspects of the 
>chemical module will be discussed:
>1) Preprocessor
>2) Numerical Solution Approach
>3) Chemical Mechanism
>* Middle Atmosphere Mechanism
>* Troposphere Plus MA Mechanism
>4) Photolysis Approach
>* LUT/Parameterization
>5) Heating Rates
>* Chemical Potential
>6) Heterogeneous Processes
>* Rate Constant Derivation
>* Dehydration
>* Denitrification
>7) Future Development and Evaluation
>Attendance is open to all, but please RSVP to jrichter at ucar.edu to 
>ensure adequate seating.
>Jadwiga (Yaga) H. Richter, Scientist I	        email: jrichter at ucar.edu
>Climate and Global Dynamics Division (CGD)       phone: 303 - 497 - 1718
>National Center for Atmospheric Research         fax:   303 - 497 - 1324
>P. O. Box 3000
>Boulder, CO 80307   USA

Maura Hagan
Director, Advanced Study Program
Senior Scientist, High Altitude Observatory
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado

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