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>Subject:	Science and Engineering Visualization Competition Underway
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>    Science and Engineering Visualization
>    Competition Underway
>February 5, 2007 - Arlington, VA. - The fifth annual International 
>Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge is now underway. 
>Co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the 
>journal Science, the flagship publication of the American 
>Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Visualization 
>Challenge is a prestigious competition to find the photographs, 
>illustrations, and digital media that best communicate science, 
>engineering, and technology for education and journalistic purposes.
>Jeff Nesbit, Director of NSF's Office of Legislative and Public 
>Affairs put the Challenge in perspective, saying: "As a society we 
>are becoming less -not more- scientifically literate. We are 
>enrolling fewer -not more- graduate students in the sciences and 
>engineering. And public debates on science are, unfortunately, 
>becoming less -not better- informed. We need," he continued, "to 
>find a way to engage our citizens' imagination, challenge their 
>preconceptions, and motivate them to enter the dialogue. A powerful 
>and proven way to begin that is visualization."
>Last year's entries explained the formation of the Hawaiian Islands, 
>revealed sub-surface details of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, and created 
>mathematically-defined surfaces that glowed like fine glass 
>sculptures. Visualizing the blood flow between conjoined twins 
>before the operation helped doctors separate the boys successfully. 
>And in a page from CSI, researchers composited 60,000 CT scans into 
>a three-dimensional model of an Egyptian child to discover how she 
>died nearly over 2,000 years ago.
>"We often say, seeing is believing" said Nesbit, "but in science and 
>engineering seeing is often understanding. The insight, the 'Ah-ha!' 
>moment can come from visualizations of data that show relationships, 
>patterns, and collective behavior that are hard to 'see' when 
>looking simply at the data alone."
>Winning entries will be published in a special section of the 
>September 28, 2007 issue of the journal Science and Science Online 
>and on NSF's website.
>This year's entry deadline is May 31st.
>For entry forms, rules, and more information, see: 
>Susan S. Mason
>smason at nsf.gov <mailto:smason at nsf.gov>
>National Science Foundation
>4201 Wilson Blvd.
>Room 1245
>Arlington, VA 22230
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