[Grad-postdoc-assn] Faculty Possition in Global Environmental Change, Natural Resources and Human Wellbeing

Paula Fisher paulad at ucar.edu
Wed Sep 6 11:15:27 MDT 2006

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>Sent: Mon 8/28/2006 8:31 PM
>To: Mary Hayden
>Subject: Faculty Possition in Global Environmental Change, Natural 
>Resources and Human Wellbeing
>The University of Wisconsin, Madison, is searching for a new faculty 
>member in the areas of the "Global Environmental Change, Natural 
>Resources and Human Well-being" as part of a campus-wide initiative 
>in global sustainability and international environmental affairs.
>We seek an outstanding scholar who examines the linkages between 
>global environmental issues (including such issues as land use / 
>land cover change, climate change, atmospheric pollution, loss of 
>biodiversity), the state of crucial natural resources (such as 
>freshwater systems, agricultural lands, forests and timber 
>resources, fisheries, biological reserves) and issues of human 
>well-being and health (air and water quality, risk of natural 
>hazards, emerging diseases, food and water security). For example, 
>topics of interest include:
>- Changing global environmental conditions and the emergence of disease
>- Connections between atmospheric chemistry, air pollution and human health
>- Urban environment systems
>- Environmental change and natural disasters
>- Effects of global environmental change on freshwater resources or 
>- Vulnerability / resilience of human-environment systems to 
>environmental change
>- Application of system dynamics, modeling or environmental 
>informatics to problem solving
>We will consider applicants from a broad range of backgrounds, 
>including (but not limited to) epidemiology and environmental / 
>public health, environmental science, global change, ecology, 
>geography, earth and atmospheric sciences, and environmental 
>informatics. Scientists who explore connections to the social 
>sciences and policy aspects of their work are especially encouraged. 
>We are also especially eager to enhance campus diversity and to 
>forge new international research collaborations.
>The position will be based in a new interdisciplinary research and 
>graduate training center - the Center for Sustainability and the 
>Global Environment (SAGE), which is part of the campus' Nelson 
>Institute for Environmental Studies. Teaching, research and service 
>responsibilities will be shared between the Nelson Institute and 
>other appropriate departments on campus (which will be negotiated to 
>best suit the candidate's interests). We expect that the faculty 
>members will be hired at the Assistant Professor (tenure-track) 
>level. In exceptional cases, we may consider candidates for the 
>Associate or Full Professor levels.
>Consideration of applicants will begin on November 1, 2006. For full 
>consideration, applicants should submit the following materials by 
>that date: (1) a current curriculum vitae, including a complete list 
>of publications; (2) a personal statement discussing the candidate's 
>research, teaching and outreach philosophy, and how these would fit 
>into a framework of collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship; 
>and (3) three letters of reference.
>All application materials must be sent electronically. Cover 
>letters, curriculum vitae and personal statements should be sent as 
>a single PDF file (no more than 3 mbytes). Copies of the candidate's 
>publications are not needed. Letters of reference must be sent 
>electronically, as plain text, a Microsoft Word file or a PDF 
>document; paper copies cannot be accepted. All materials must be 
>sent to jfoley at wisc.edu.
>Inquiries about the position may be directed to Prof. Jonathan 
>Foley, Director - Center for Sustainability and the Global 
>Environment, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University 
>of Wisconsin (email: jfoley at wisc.edu).
>For a more complete description of the position and the campus-wide 
>initiative in global sustainability and international environmental 
>affairs please visit http://www.sage.wisc.edu/cluster.

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