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>Hello all,
>Shane Mayor will give a seminar on Tuesday, May 30 at 3:30pm in the 
>FL2 auditorium.  The seminar title and abstract are below, or you 
>can view them online at 
>*REAL: The Challenge and Unique Role of High Pulse-Energy, Eye-safe 
>Lidar in Atmospheric Research and National Security
>Over three years have passed since we began the development of REAL. 
>This seminar will review the initial motivation for the instrument, 
>the technical challenges that were overcome, and results from field 
>deployments including the very recent T-REX.  The seminar will 
>conclude with a vision of how we may continue to build upon the 
>initial success of REAL to achieve goals of the laboratory and the 
>broader communities that we serve.
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