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Some of you may be interested in this.

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Subject: Friday 7/28 NAI Student Seminar !!

This message from Estelle Dodson has been sent via the NASA Astrobiology Institute email service to all NAI members. Replies to this message should be sent to kdodson at mail.arc.nasa.gov.

Tomorrow, that's Friday, July 28th, at 12:00pm PDT (9:00am HT/1:00pm MDT/2:00pmCDT/3:00pmEDT) is first day of the second annual NAI Student Seminar Series.  Please join us for an hour and a half of exciting and top quality presentations by students who have spent their summers doing research at the University of Hawaii and Goddard Space Flight Center.

Due to popular demand, the series is three days this year.  The other two segments will be held on August 11th and 18th.

Speakers and talks for this week are:

Sarah Rugheimer
"Habitable Planets in the planetary system of HD 69830"

Joseph Castro, University of Hawaii
"Can the Binary-Planetary system of Gamma Cephei host an additional Jupiter-sized planet?"

Anne Sweet, Macalester College, MN
"Using Fe/Mg ratio in olivine as an indicator of asteroidal hydrothermal alteration."

Constantinos Makrides, Iona College
"Modeling Water Production in Comets and Graphical Representation of Martian Atmospheric Species"

Jessica Haseltine, Abilene Christian College
"Radial Transport of Particles in N-Body Simulations of Planet Formation"

Karen Horning, Florida Institute of Technology
"Looking for Extrasolar Planets in Stellar Spectra: Spitzer Observations
during the Secondary Eclipse of HD209458b"

Catherine Elder, Cornell University
"The Secondary Eclipse of HD209458b using Spitzer Space Telescope"

Shannon Tronick, Syracuse University
"Chemical Derivatization for GC-MS Analysis of Organic Compounds on Mars: Part II"

Jim Doty, Rice University

CONNECTION INFORMATION: (NOTE new telephone passcode)

With a Polycom....RSVP to Estelle Dodson (kdodson at mail.arc.nasa.gov) and connect to WebEx as instructed below. If you need Polycom help during the live event, call the videoconferencing help-desk at (650) 604-6412

The slides from the seminar can be accessed real-time using WebEx at:


Enter the meeting number:  922 024 444
Hit the "join now" button.
Enter your name or site name (this is not an assigned log-in name, please use your institution name or your first and last name), email and the password: 1K*Falcon  (case sensitive)

If you've never joined a WebEx meeting before, please allow an extra 5-10 minutes to install the plug-in.

Without a Polycom...There are two ways to participate:

1) You can listen to the seminar on the telephone while viewing the slides in WebEx (see WebEx instructions above). The NASA conference phone number for this is (877) 891-6023, passcode 2031704.

2)  You can watch the Realplayer webcast at: http://vanseg-1.arc.nasa.gov/2006/AB060728-01.ram and view the slides in WebEx (see WebEx instructions above)  There is a 30 second delay for the webcast, so you will need to control the slides manually using the arrow buttons in WebEx.  Questions for the speaker can be posted in the WebEx chat area to be answered at the end of the talk.  Do not try to watch the Realplayer webcast at the same time as the Polycom or the phone.  Due to the delay in the webcast, it will sound awful, unless you like dissonance.

Please forward this information to your colleagues and departments. Attendance is open to all.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

"See" you there,

K. Estelle Dodson
Collaborative Technologies Manager
NASA Astrobiology Institute
MS 240-1, NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035

 email: kdodson at mail.arc.nasa.gov
office: 650.604.4145
   fax: 650.604.4251

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