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College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences
School of Meteorology
The University of Oklahoma
The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of 
Oklahoma (OU) invites
applications for an Associate Dean For Public Service and Outreach. 
This is a 12-month appointment,
beginning no later than 1 July 2007. It includes a renewable term 
appointment as a regular faculty
member in the School of Meteorology, which carries all traditional 
faculty rights and privileges except
that of tenure and provides teaching and mentoring opportunities. A 
Ph.D. is required at time of
appointment. Postdoctoral research experience is preferred. Salary and 
professorial rank will be
commensurate with experience.
The Associate Dean of Public Service and Outreach reports to the Dean 
and is responsible for the
design, delivery, and evaluation of outreach and public service programs 
for the College and especially
the National Weather Center (NWC). Duties include conducting needs 
analysis of client groups and
target audiences with a special emphasis on the education community, 
developing content and
instructional support materials and a resource center/clearinghouse for 
these materials, collaborating
with University/College/NWC units and Research Campus partners (which 
include a large NOAA
presence in the NWC and a significant private sector presence in nearby 
facilities) on synergistic
programs that enhance the stature and reputation of OU and its entities, 
coordinating education and
outreach activities with AMS, AGU or other professional organizations, 
developing conference and
meeting strategies, organizing docent programs, and making the NWC 
accessible and friendly.
Development and implementation of outreach programs designed to attract 
minorities and women to the
sciences are a top priority.  Publication in appropriate journals and 
presentations at appropriate venues of
the results of such work in outreach and education is expected.
Responsibilities for the School of Meteorology include teaching one 
regular course each semester,
advising undergraduates, and mentoring graduate students.  Expertise is 
desired in teaching synoptic and
mesoscale meteorology, and introductory meteorology courses. For the 
School, there are minimal
expectations in the areas of research and service.
The College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences (http://ags.ou.edu) 
strives be an international leader for education,
scholarship, basic and applied research in meteorology, the environment, 
and humankind's place within the Earth system.
The College's academic programs in Geography and Meteorology and the 
associated research organizations have gained
worldwide recognition for work in mesoscale meteorology; geographic 
information systems; observing of Earth's
atmosphere and surface using surface-based sensors, radar and satellite 
borne sensors; applied climatology and climate
dynamics; hydrology; atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric physics, 
management of natural resources; and cultural,
economic, and political geography. The College provides its students 
with a small college experience in the midst of a
large university. The College administers the National Weather Center 
for the University of Oklahoma.
The School of Meteorology (http://weather.ou.edu), an academic unit in 
A&GS, is one of the largest programs in
meteorology in the nation, having some 320 undergraduates and 
approximately 95 graduate students.  There are 21
regular faculty members, 5 emeritus faculty, and 30 adjunct faculty 
members, the latter of whom are research scientists in
one of the federal or state government organizations in the National 
Weather Center. The School is the academic anchor
of the National Weather Center.
The National Weather Center (http://nwc.ou.edu) facility houses a unique 
confederation of federal, state, and University
of Oklahoma organizations that work together in partnership to improve 
understanding of events occurring in Earth's
atmosphere over a wide range of time and space scales. The NWC partners 
give equal attention to applying that
understanding to the development of improved observation, analysis, 
assimilation, display, and prediction systems.
Long recognized for its collective expertise in severe weather, the 
National Weather Center also has expertise in local
and regional climate, numerical modeling, hydrology, and radar 
meteorology. Members of the NWC work with a wide
range of federal, state, and local government agencies to help reduce 
loss of life and property to hazardous weather,
insure wise use of water resources, enhance agricultural production, and 
develop renewable energy sources. They also
work with private sector partners to develop new applications of weather 
and regional climate information that provide
competitive advantage in the marketplace. NWC organizations include 
NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory,
OU’s and NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological 
Studies, groups affiliated with the National
Weather Service (i.e., the Norman NWS Forecast Office, the Storm 
Prediction Center, the Radar Operations Center,
and the Warning Decision Training Branch), the Center for Analysis and 
Prediction of Storms, and the Oklahoma
Climatological Survey. This alliance of unique research and operational 
facilities involving more than 600 employees
provides outstanding opportunities for educational and outreach 

To apply, please submit a letter of application, current vitae, and the 
names of three to five individuals
who can provide references. The letter of application should include 
concise reviews of current and past
work in public service, outreach, informal education, teaching, and 
advising of undergraduate and
graduate students.  The application package should include two samples 
of the applicant’s published
materials.  Referee contact information (full mailing and e-mail 
addresses, telephone, and FAX
numbers) must be included in the application package.
Address all correspondence to:

Dr. John T. Snow
Dean, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences
University of Oklahoma
National Weather Center
120 David L. Boren Blvd, Suite 1100
Norman, OK 73072
Phone: 405-325-3095/FAX: 405-325-3072/E-mail: jsnow at ou.edu
Screening of complete applications will begin on 5 February 2007.  The 
search will continue until the
position is filled.

The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action 
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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