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Hi all-
   Appended please find the announcement of an interesting opportunity
for graduate students. See the web site for additional details and pass
this information along as appropriate. Thanks.

>In case you missed this, I wanted to draw your 
>attention to a project I am running this summer 
>that should be of interest to some of your 
>students! It is called the Snowbird Charrette in 
>Environmental Research Design. 
>http://snowbirdcharrette.ssrc.org/ (see summary 
>below sig line or attached to PDF).
>I hope you will circulate the announcement 
>widely to relevant and interested parties.
>*Diana Rhoten**, PhD*
>Program Director
>Knowledge Institutions
>Social Science Research Council
>810 7th Avenue, 31st Floor
>New York, NY 10019
>+1 212.377.2700 x605
>rhoten at ssrc.org <mailto:rhoten at ssrc.org>
>*The Objective*
>Complex environmental problems face the world in 
>growing numbers. The sciences will be tapped 
>like never before to generate effective and 
>sustainable solutions. Research programs to 
>develop the required knowledge will be radically 
>interdisciplinary. And graduate students 
>training in the environmental sciences today 
>will be the driving force in their development.
>How can the environmental sciences employ the 
>breadth of multiple scientific perspectives 
>necessary to engage complex environmental 
>problems while maintaining the scientific rigor 
>necessary to produce new knowledge? How should 
>researchers trained in different disciplines 
>work together to produce ground breaking 
>research? What innovations in environmental 
>science will result from such collaborations?
>If the environmental sciences are to meet their 
>challenges we will need answers to these 
>questions. The Snowbird Charrette in 
>Environmental Research Design is a unique, 
>innovative project that aims to understand how 
>environmental science can effectively engage in 
>interdisciplinary problem solving. And we're 
>asking young scientists interested in 
>environmental research to help.
>*The Opportunity*
>From August 24-28, 2006, we will bring together 
>graduate students from across the sciences to 
>the Cliff Lodge resort in Snowbird, Utah to 
>participate in an environmental science 
>"charrette." A charrette is an intense exercise 
>in tight-deadline problem solving. Since their 
>inception by the faculty of architecture at the 
>École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, charrettes have 
>been used widely by architects, designers, urban 
>planners, engineers, and researchers in the 
>environmental sciences to generate bold new 
>ideas in a limited timeframe.
>Participants will receive a multi-faceted 
>environmental problem and have two and a half 
>days to design a research program to address it. 
>Participants will be assembled into small 
>interdisciplinary teams whose members have 
>diverse scientific training and interests. 
>Working together they will design a research 
>plan for a large scale interdisciplinary project 
>complete with a proposed problem statement, 
>hypotheses, and methods for collecting and 
>analyzing data. The teams will convene to 
>present their proposals to a panel of leading 
>scientists with expertise from across the 
>environmental sciences. Participants will:
>    * exercise individual scientific talents in an intense collaborative
>      project;
>    * test their skills in research conceptualization, design and
>      presentation;
>    * meet other young scientists and future colleagues from around the
>      country;
>    * advance the environmental sciences through the improvement of
>      graduate education and research;
>    * engage leading scientists from the environmental research community;
>    * travel all-expenses-paid to the Cliff Lodge resort in Snowbird, Utah;
>    * receive a $200 stipend.
>The Snowbird Charrette is not a competition, but 
>rather an exploration of innovative thinking in 
>environmental research. The panel of experts 
>will be looking for scientific inspiration, 
>intellectual integrity, research novelty, 
>project feasibility, and broader potential 
>*This project is co-hosted by the Social Science 
>Research Council and Arizona State University 
>with funding from the National Science 

Maura Hagan
Director, Advanced Study Program
Senior Scientist, High Altitude Observatory
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado
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