[Grad-postdoc-assn] Grad / Postdoc Association social tonight!

Mike Waite waite at ucar.edu
Fri Apr 7 11:57:43 MDT 2006

Hello all,

don't forget about the social tonight -- everyone's welcome.  You won't 
want to miss this great opportunity to
- eat and drink with fellow NCAR grad students and postdocs who you 
probably don't see often enough
- escape from this soggy weather.  What's going on?  Why isn't the sky 
blue?  Is the world coming to an end?
- provide input (or not) on the Thompson Lecturer nominees

We'll be gathering at the Wilderness Pub (2880 Wilderness Place, phone: 
(303) 444-8448) from 6-8 pm.  The side room is reserved for us -- look 
for it just inside the entrance on the right.

See you there!

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