[FAB] Reminders for Availability of New Acct Keys in FAB

Reta Kubler reta at ucar.edu
Fri Jan 30 14:44:50 MST 2015

*Just as an FYI so you know when to expect to be able to use new keys in

It takes 2 days from the day a new key is set up in IFAS for it to become
available for use in FAB:

*When a key is set up in IFAS it is copied overnight to CPM*
- Day 1 - The following day, *the key shows up in CPM* in the Unknown
FinOrg so no one yet has write authority on that key.  This Unknown Status
also indicates it needs to be assigned, both via a report that shows all
"Unknown" accounts that have come over the night before as well as in the
tool where the new keys are actually assigned to a FinOrg.
- Day 1 - The *key is moved to the correct FinOrg* and the actual copy
process to place it in that FinOrg *runs overnight*, allowing the correct
group write access to the key.
- Day 2 - The following day the *key should be available* for assignment in

FYI - The copy processes run every day of the week expect on Saturday night
to allow for system maintenance.  This means if a key is set up in IFAS on
a Friday, copies over to FAB Friday evening from IFAS and is moved to the
correct FinOrg on Saturday, it won't be available for assignment until
Monday since the copy runs Sunday night.




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