[FAB] Rates and Salary Increase Calculation in FAB

Reta Kubler reta at ucar.edu
Fri Aug 7 10:00:21 MDT 2015

FAB Users:

We are making a couple of changes in FAB today for FY16:

- Because FAB is an internal planning tool, we will be adding the proposed
FY16 (still "informal") rates to assumptions for internal planning purposes
only.  NOTE - these rates have not yet been acknowledged by NSF and cannot
be used in proposals or outside UCAR.
- We are also changing the FY16 start date in the calculation for the
salary increase from the default of 10/01/2015 to the actual 09/27/2015 to
allow for more precise salary cost calculations and encumbrances in IFAS.

As an FYI, I will be sending more information shortly about how you can put
known FY16 salary increases for individuals into FAB until the point new
salaries are globally copied in the morning of September 28th.  Adding this
information temporarily, until the new salaries are effective, is *optional*
and for most folks the 2% assumption across your program may be sufficient
for planning purposes.

If you have questions about these changes, please let me know. Thank you.



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