[FAB] Poll for scheduling CPM Sandbox Training session

Barbara Schnell bschnell at ucar.edu
Tue Oct 14 16:53:30 MDT 2014


Please fill out this poll so we can schedule the CPM sandbox training.  2
sessions will be scheduled based on the highest level of
interest/availability in the times provided in the poll.

This will be a peer training session lead by Stephanie Gillin on using the
Sandbox feature in FAB. We encourage you to bring laptops if you would like
to follow along and try out what you learn as we go or you can opt to watch
and listen. If there is interest we will follow up with a formal hands-on
training session.

Note that the ideal ML location is not available on 11/4 or in the
afternoon session of 11/5.  Please consider this when choosing the best

Link to poll: http://doodle.com/s283k87n7r49mdtf


- Barb

Barbara Schnell
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
IT Project Manager - Corporate Systems, PMP, CSM
(303) 497-8522
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