[FAB] CPM - FAB, Cognos BI and Bursting

Reta Kubler reta at ucar.edu
Wed Oct 1 11:15:38 MDT 2014

There was an issue with Accruals last night that meant the September
Snapshot had to be run-run.  This has impacted report bursting as well as
access to both FAB and Cognos BI.  As soon as things are up and running
we'll let you know.

In any case, I would recommend that folks do several things prior to
running monthly report bursting, particularly now as the tools are newer
and even later on as just a good verification and best practice:
- view a summary report of keys from Cognos BI so at a quick glance you can
verify that things look OK or any glaring issues catch your eye.   Compare
a key of two with IFAS.
- run a Bursting Report that goes only to you or a few admin folks to make
sure it has run as expected
- If the above looks good, then go ahead and run the Bursting Reports for
your groups. You know that Murphy's law is such that the more folks
something is sent to, the more likely there's an error.  ; )




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