[FAB] New process for servics requests and issue reporting for CPM

Barbara Schnell bschnell at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 21 16:32:04 MDT 2014


Starting immediately the FandA IT help desk will be used to route all
CPM-related access requests, FinOrg or HR Org changes, and production
issues to the appropriate Entity Budget Office, User Support and Education
or IT technical staff for remediation.This change will enable us to better
track and respond to requests and issues.  As a reminder, CPM includes FAB
<https://fabr.ucar.edu/docs/fab-what-it>, the web-based planning tool
and Cognos
BI <https://fabr.ucar.edu/docs/cognos-bi-what-it> Reports.

Please follow these instructions for requesting changes or reporting issues
<https://fabr.ucar.edu/docs/email-format-help-desk-requests> when emailing
the IT help desk at helpdesk at fanda.ucar.edu.

When submitting requests or reporting issues we would like to emphasize the
importance of providing complete information as described in these
instructions. That will help us get your request addressed as quickly as

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing to serve you.
 Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with feedback you have on the
timeliness or quality of issue handling and response time.

Best regards,

Reta Kubler - Business Application Support Specialist (NCAR, UCP)

Justin Young - Business Application Support Specialist (FandA and UCAR
President's Office)

Heather Harris - IT Technical Lead (FandA)

Carol Smith - IT Help Desk Lead (FandA)

Barb Schnell - CPM Portfolio Project Manager

Other references:

·  Procedures for requesting changes to FinOrg or HR Org

·  Procedures for requesting new or changed access to CPM systems

·  Information on supported environments and issue escalation
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