[FAB] Welcome to the FAB User Group List

Barbara Schnell bschnell at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 21 09:59:08 MDT 2014


You have been added to the FAB User Group List based on recommendations
from your organization's administrators.  This list replaces the use of
cpmparticipants at ucar.edu and will be focused only on the following types of

   - Information sharing among users
   - Communications of the release and roll-out of new FAB features
   - Inquiries and invitations for feedback on FAB enhancements and training
   - Communications regarding upcoming training event

Please note that many of you will also be on the Cognos BI User Group List
which will serve a similar function for reporting but will include many
more users.  You will receive a separate email about that.

Membership to this list is not automatic.  If you hire a new employee who
you think should be on this list please send them to the FAB Mailman page
<http://mailman.ucar.edu/mailman/listinfo/fab> to subscribe.  Instructions
to unsubscribe can also be found on this page.


- Barb
Barbara Schnell
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
IT Project Manager - Corporate Systems, PMP, CSM
(303) 497-8522
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