[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoctoral Researcher position with Canadian Forest Service in Newfoundland

Susan Ziegler sziegler at mun.ca
Thu Apr 11 17:23:13 MDT 2019

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Forest Related Sciences
Reference number: RSN19J-013775-000396
Selection process number: 2019-RSN-EA-CFS-188466

Seeking new colleague for collaborative research on climate change impacts on boreal forest landscapes.  This position can be a gateway position into a Research Scientist position with the Canadian Forest Service.  Non-Canadians will be considered despite the notice on the link, however, preference is given to Canadian citizens.

Following is the link to advertisement and how to apply: 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Forest Related Sciences <https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?poster=1260843>

Susan Ziegler
Canada Research Chair in Boreal Biogeochemistry
Department of Earth Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland
sziegler at mun.ca

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