[ES_JOBS_NET] Program Scientists at Schmidt Futures, New York

Megan L. Melamed megan at igacproject.org
Fri Apr 5 12:06:50 MDT 2019


Schmidt Futures is looking for an accomplished scientist to define new
areas and approaches for investment and research support, to assist with
the review and diligence of research proposals, and to manage existing
programs within the Scientific Knowledge portfolio.  This will include
identifying potential investment opportunities across the sciences;
fostering partnerships with universities, scientific research institutions,
science collaboratives/funds, incubators, and other philanthropic
organizations; and helping shape the broader Scientific Knowledge

Schmidt Futures is currently seeking candidates with expertise in the
biosciences or in engineering, but will also consider other specialties.
Megan L. Melamed, PhD
IGAC Executive Officer
University of Colorado/CIRES
Box 216 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0216 USA
Email: megan at igacproject.org
Phone: +1.303.492.7562
Skype: megan.melamed
Web: igacproject.org
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