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Postdoctoral Fellow, Soil Science/Geophysics/Landscape Modeling
o    DRI - Reno, NV
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*         Thank you for your interest in employment with the Desert Research Institute.  We want your  application process to go smoothly and quickly.  We ask that you keep in mind the following when completing your application:
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If you need assistance or have questions regarding the application process, contact Human Resources Hotline at (775) 673-7431 or recruit at dri.edu<mailto:recruit at dri.edu>.

Job Description

The Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno, NV is seeking multiple Postdoctoral Fellows with expertise in the general areas of soil hydrology, soil physics, soil science, soil-geomorphology, geophysics, or landscape modeling to support currently funded projects. Project activities are related to soil-terrain conditions and vehicle mobility, landmine detection, eolian sand and dust transport, basin-scale hydrology, and near-surface soil processes (soil development, energy-mass balance, seismic, thermal, electromagnetic propagation).

Candidates should possess knowledge, experience, or interest in one or more of the following technical areas:

1.Design, operation, and analysis of field- and laboratory-based systems for monitoring soil mass-energy balance, moisture, temperature, dielectric, and thermal parameters; operation & programming of data loggers, processing of collected data.

2.Numerical modeling of soil hydrologic, physical, thermal properties using existing software (e.g., Hydrus, Rosetta, SHAW, SSiB).

3.Field/laboratory analysis and modeling of the propagation of electromagnetic, seismic, or thermal parameters in soil systems (e.g. GPR, ground conductivity meter, heat flux).

4.Ability to assist with conversion of field, laboratory, and field monitoring data into tables and figures for reports and publications (e.g. Excel, SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, SYSTAT).

5.Ability to work with programing languages such as R, Python, and MATLAB.

6.Experience with UAS systems and processing collected data (optical, thermal, electromagnetic).

7.Landscape modeling to quantify terrain topography and roughness using parameters such as curvature, aspect, and slope

8.Knowledge of soil classification systems (NRCS, FAO, etc.), soil-landform relations, soil profile characterization, and soil-forming processes.

9.Characterization of soil properties as related to soil mechanics and terrain mobility.

Required Qualifications
*         US citizenship
*         PhD in soil science, geophysics, hydrology, geoscience, or related fields in engineering (e.g., geologic, environmental) from an accredited institution
*         Experience in two of more of the research areas of Soil Science, Soil Physics, or Soil Mechanics
*         Excellent oral and written communication skills
*         Evidence of the ability to participate in collaborative, team- based oriented research
*         Ability to work independently to fulfill project goals and meet project deadlines
*         Able to work extended hours in the field (often in remote locations) and travel as required
*         Able to hand carry field equipment (up to 40 lbs) and collected samples across variable terrain. Conduct field data collects including use of shovels, picks, augers, and technical equipment to measure soil properties related to morphology, strength, and moisture
*         Valid driver's license and driving record that allows the ability to access a US instillation
Preferred Qualifications
*         Well-established knowledge of soil-landscape relations, geophysics and GPR, soil physics, soil hydrology, landscape modeling, or terramechanics
*         Ability to design, set up, and run novel field and laboratory experiments in support of above research areas
*         Excellent communication skills and ability to develop oral/ poster presentations and write peer reviewed papers with limited supervision
*         Ability to participate in the development of research proposals
*         Strong quantitative and modeling skills
Physical Requirements

This position requires the ability to work extended hours in the field, often in remote locations, and travel as required. The incumbent must be able to hand carry field equipment (up to 40lbs.) and collected samples across variable terrain. Collecting field data includes the use of shovels, picks, augers, and technical equipment to measure soil properties related to morphology, strength, and moisture.

Conditions of Employment:

Due to security requirements associated with accessing essential project sites and information, ALL applicants MUST be citizens of the United States. The individual who is offered and accepts this position must provide, within 30 working days of his/her start date, a copy of the transcript(s) of the highest degree he/she has acquired.


Full-Time Equivalent

Required Attachment(s)

Please upload the following documents in the specified section:
*         Cover letter detailing how your experience and professional qualifications prepare you to succeed in this DRI role
*         Current resume
*         Contact information for three professional references, to be contacted at the appropriate phase of the recruitment process based on applicant permission

This posting is open until filled. Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply immediately and provide all required attachments to receive full consideration. Lists of eligible candidates will be established and hiring may occur early in the recruiting process. Recruitment will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received or a hiring decision has been made.

For more detailed information about DRI, please visit us at www.dri.edu<http://www.dri.edu/>. For questions regarding this position or assistance with your application, please call the recruiting office at 775-673-7319.

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