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Title:                   Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator
Position Type:  Full-Time
Location:           Washington, DC

What we do and offer our team

AGU is home to more than 60,000 scientists from 139 countries. As the Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator, you will be part of a dynamic association of Earth and space scientists who advance research, collaborate across disciplines, and communicate the importance and impact of science to society. AGU offers our employees exciting opportunities through top-ranked scientific journals, scientific meetings and conferences, and other educational and scientific programs, to present and publish research, gain leadership experience, mentor, and freely exchange knowledge.
AGU's Workplace Values
We believe in accountability and ownership of work, by taking responsibility for decisions and results. We believe in member and customer service, and that they come first through providing high quality service.

We believe in excellence and giving it our all, through striving to be outstanding. We believe in integrity by doing the right thing, we achieve this by being honest and fair.

Our teams believe that with teamwork together we achieve more, we achieve this through collaboration. We believe in respect, that you earn it and give it, by open communication and collaboration.

What the Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator does
The Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator is key in assisting AGU to promote discovery in Earth and Space science for the benefit of humanity, by being operational in focus. The purpose of the Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator position is to provide program coordination, project management, and leadership in support of the goals and objectives of the AGU Science Department and AGU as a whole.

This role is primarily designed to facilitate the application and selection processes for AGU's student travel grants and scholarships. In addition, the Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator may occasionally coordinate and help lead project activities for Talent Pool and Early Career programs. This position takes a leading role in defining various aspects of student programs, as well as a supporting role within other program activities.

  *   Coordinates award distributions for grants and scholarships programs.
  *   Serves as program coordinator for AGU Student Travel and Research Grant solicitations.
  *   Works with Marketing and Communications to promote programs and to coordinate product/service alignment.
  *   Serves as the program lead for the AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) process.
  *   Provides oversight of judging forms and data, serves a physical presence for OSPA at AGU meetings, and executes OSPA winner certificates and prizes.
  *   Performs data management and leads execution of Section/Focus Groups student award certificates and prizes.
  *   Conducts development of new AGU Student Program engagement and outreach initiatives. This includes, but is not limited to program conception, promotion, project planning and execution of the entire initiative.
  *   Provides efficient and proactive communications to Section /Focus Groups (S/FGs) and assures smooth execution of S/FG sponsored Student Program activities.
  *   Works with Information Services regarding technological resources needed to support targeted Student Program initiatives, including ongoing improvements for OSPA.
  *   Extended working hours and travel (up to 5%) may be necessary
  *   Other duties as assigned.

What the  Student Grants and Scholarships Coordinator brings to the team

  *   3-5 years experience with a Bachelor's degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  *   Experience with an association management system (i.e. NetForum), a conference management software (i.e. GoToWebinar), and a content management system (i.e. WordPress, SharePoint, Decision Point, etc.) preferred
  *   Strong project management skills, previous experience in program coordination is a plus.

To Apply:

For consideration, please submit your cover letter and resume to

The successful candidate for this position will be subject to a pre-employment background check.

AGU proudly offers a casual work environment, excellent compensation, generous work-life opportunities, and an outstanding benefits package.

AGU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Pranoti Asher, Ph.D.
Manager, Higher Education
PAsher at agu.org | www.agu.org
2000 Florida Ave., NW | Washington, DC 20009
​Upcoming Deadlines, Meetings and Event Links:
10 -14 December: 2018 Fall Meeting | Washington, DC
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